ESCO solutions

What is the ESCO model?

The ESCO (Energy Service Company) model is an alternative to self-financing for lighting modernising projects, as all of the required funds are invested by the ESCO service provider, which recovers the funds from power savings over the agreed period.

The benefits of the ESCO service:

Finances: you will not have to worry about funding (either getting a loan or using your own funds). 

Price: due to the scope of the project, the ESCO service provider will have all of the contacts and agreements in place to be able to secure necessary equipment and to handle the installation work.

Experience and responsibility: the ESCO service provider will effectively implement the project and assume responsibility for making the appropriate choice of products and savings gained.

Time: customers do not have to spend their time or use their own resources to choose or implement modernisation solutions.

Result: quickly obtainable results supplied to the very high levels of quality.

After the project has been completed your modern LED lighting system becomes your property, with you being able to make full use of any energy saving solutions.

The private limited liability company, UAB "Ignitis" (the ESCO service provider), assumes all risks that may be involved in project implementation and will organise all planning, equipment selection, delivery, and installation work, along with providing long-term guarantees and ensuring the smooth functioning of the installed equipment. 

You do not need to provide any funds in order to be able to carry out your investment; you can implement the project immediately.

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